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to fizz
Gots Ta Be B2k

To da boys of B2k

******* DRUEX!!! ********** hey....... we r just alike in spirt & in mind.well..actually u r more playful but it'z kool.omg.......u just don't know how much I love you.(( Alot ))I can't express in words how I feel.It's an feeling .... ( a real good emotion) that taken ova how I feel.I luv u soo much, 4rom yo cute eyes, ur shyness.really like me. Ur someone who I can really be down with, ya know dat?? and u know If we freestyle I got u beat, handz down.hey, do u remember dat krazy chick screaming Fizz thru da whole video shoot? dat wuz me. ( lol )I gots ta be tha 1 u looking 4, da perfect 1 u need, cuz I am really sexy and secure & real understanding.( I like that song )I really hope u read this!! I luv u soooooooooooo much. I think about u all day long & put it like this, if u was in my class.....nuh-uh....yo nickname will have ta be " untouchable" cuz that's how it's gonna be when u riding with me. ^ to Druex from Keeshia ^

Fizz gives me butterflies!!!
Michael Jackson--Butterflies--permissin by True4ya