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Gots Ta Be B2k

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Hey ya'll this is da Hottie MOB......repping Los Angeles to da FULLEST!
as you see, WE luv us some B2K!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 ** I'm finna tell ya'll NOW....... YES, we know b2k and all the other peeps they hang and Have to deal with. but no, We r NOT b2k. **
Keeshia and doubt about that!.......... Tamara and De' KeAirSa And SEXY AZZ OMARION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Reecie and Jbaby aka Jarell 2gether 4 eva

Welcome B2K Fans!!!
        Back up & runnin!!!!     
B2K Cover
B2K's "Introducing B2K" is a brand new DVD EP of B2K featuring clips from "Uh Huh", "Gots Ta Be", "The Making of "Gots Ta Be" and exclusive interview footage! In stores now!! Only be $9.98 so go get it  now!
On this page, ya'll goin see ANYTHING and EVERYTHING on mah babies, and yours, I'm sure, B2k!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~ thankz , Da Twinz , Tamara, & Reecie

B2k lookin good
B2k r some cuties

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