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tha B2k Storybook
Gots Ta Be B2k

Tha B2k storybook...........da best ones out there!!

Hey Ya'llz..........this is KeAirsa......... this iz a fiya story that still gettin worked on but read this & tell us what u think on tha message board!!
Jarell & Sharissa
Omari & Markeeshia
De'Mario & Shalice
Druex & Latedra
Jarell's ex-Khalita
Khalita's friends-Cierra, Eve, and Candice
Sharissa is new to Sacramento and she lives next door to Latedra. Jarell goes wit Khalita but tha otha girls don't like ker and her friends. Jarell is starting to notice that Khalita is always flirting with alotta other boys in the school so he wants to break it off wit her. Khalita hangs out wit Cierra who has been tryin to get wit Druex, Eve who likes Omari, and Candice who likes De'Mario.
(Right now it's Thursday and Sharissa has been going to tha new school since yesterday.)
*doorbell rings*
Marietta(Sharissa's mom, yellin from tha kitchen): Sharissa, can you get that?!
Sharissa: Yeah ma! (opens door, Latedra is there)
Latedra: Hey, my name is Latedra. I live next door to you.
Sharissa: Hey, I'm Sharissa.
Latedra: I came ova to ask you if you wanted to go to tha mall wit me, my girls, and their boyfriends.
Sharissa: Aight, lemme go tell my mom first. (She runs to tha kitchen where her mom is) Ma, can I go to tha mall wit Latedra and her friends?
Marietta: Wow, you made new friends already? (they both laugh a lil) Yeah, go ahead, baby. Have fun!
Sharissa: Thanks ma! (She grabs her purse and jacket and goes back to tha door wit Latedra) Ok, I can go.
Latedra: Aight.
(They walk out tha door)
Meanwhile at tha mall (Sharissa has met Markeeshia & Shalice, Latedra's two best friends, in the car)
Markeeshia: Why tha boys takin so long?
Sharissa: Who do ya'll go wit in tha school?
Latedra: I go wit Druex Fredericks.
Markeeshia: I go wit Omari Grandberry
Shalice: I go wit De'Mario Thorton.
Markeeshia: You seen anyone you like in tha school yet?
Sharissa: Yeah, but he already go wit somebody.
Shalice: What's his name?
Sharissa: I think it's Jarell Houston.
(Just then tha boys walk in tha mall and they go ova to their girls)
De'Mario: Hey Shalice.
Shalice: Hey baby. What took ya'll so long?
De'Mario: We was waitin on Jarell's slow @$$ as usual.
Markeeshia: Jarell where your lil' girlfriend?
Jarell: She somewhere wit her girls.
Latedra: (talkin to tha guys) This is Sharissa, she just moved here from Las Vegas.
(All the guys say hi 'n stuff)
Omari: I don't know about ya'll but I'm real hungry right about now.
Druex: Me too, let's go to McDonald's.
Everybody: Aight.
(They get to McDonald's. At one table is De'Mario, Shalice, Sharissa, & Jarell. At the otha table is Omari, Markeeshia, Latedra, & Druex.)
(At the table wit Latedra & everybody else)
Latedra: (talkin to tha guys) Ya'll know that Sharissa likes Jarell?
Omari: Is she gonna tell him?
Latedra: Naw, she knows he already goes wit Khalita.
Markeeshia: I don't see why he like her, she just a lil' stank @$$ ho.
Druex: I think he wanna break up wit her though.
Latedra: He should, he probably would be happier wit Sharissa if they went together.
(At the otha table)
De'Mario: So what's it like bein married to Omari?
(They're all in this class where you have to be married to someone else, like in that one episode of Moesha. lol it was so funny when she was like "I'm gonna drop tha class just like you dropped the chicken". The couples in the class are Latedra & De'Mario, Shalice & Omari, and Markeeshia & De'Mario. Jarell doesn't have a partna yet because there was an odd number of people in tha class but now that Sharissa is in tha class...)
Shalice: It's aight, but it would be much better if I was married to you.
De'Mario: Aww, thanks baby.
Sharissa: (a lil suprised cause she neva had that class in her own school) Wait a sec, you gotta be married to someone else in tha class?
Shalice: Yeah.
Sharissa: But since I just came, do I still gotta be married to someone?
De'Mario: Tha class just started the day before you came, so I guess you do.
Sharissa: But how am I still gonna have a partna if everybody else already does?
Shalice: There's and odd number of people in tha class.
Sharissa: Who doesn't have a partna?
(Shalice looks at Jarell and then at Sharissa. Sharissa looks at Jarell and blushes a lil')
A couple minutes lata...
(Everybody is done eating. Omari, Markeeshia, Druex, & Latedra are sittin on a bench in tha mall. Jarell & Shalice are in tha bathroom. It's just De'Mario and Sharissa at tha table)
De'Mario: So, who do you like in tha school? I could probably get you a hook-up. (they both laugh a lil')
Sharissa: I like...
(Just then Jarell comes out of tha bathroom and walks towards the table)
Sharissa: I'll tell you lata.
(Jarell sits down at tha table. Mario gives Sharissa a look like "Is it Jarell that you like?" Sharissa nods. She's startin to get a lil' nervous around Jarell because she likes him)
Sharissa: I'm gonna go outside wit everybody else.
De'Mario: Aight.
(Sharissa walks out of McDonald's)
Jarell: What was you and Sharissa talkin about?
De'Mario: (he laughs a lil) She likes you, dawg.
Jarell: Damn...
De'Mario: What's wrong with chu?
Jarell: I like her too but I still go wit Khalita.
De'Mario: Why don't you just break up wit her?
Jarell: Yeah, I think I'm going to.
(Shalice walks out of tha bathroom and to tha table wit tha boys)
Shalice: Ya'll ready to go?
De'Mario & Jarell: Yeah, 4-sho.
(They walk out of McDonald's and join everybody else)
(everybody is walkin together in tha mall)
Jarell: (talkin to tha boys) Do ya'll wanna go to tha arcade?
Druex: Yeah, let's go.
Omari: (talkin to tha guys) We're gonna go upstairs to tha arcade.
Markeeshia: Aight. Wel'll probably be in a couple more stores lookin for some clothes.
Omari: Aight.
(tha boys go upstairs to tha arcade. Now it's just tha girls walkin together.)
Shalice: Sharissa, you wanna go wit Jarell?
Sharissa: Yeah, but he already go wit Khalita.
Latedra: I think he wanna break up wit her cause she always flirtin wit everybody! Little ho...
Markeeshia: So you gonna tell him you like him?
Sharissa: Naw...
Markeeshia: Aww don't be shy girl! (they all laugh)
Sharissa: I don't wanna tell him cause I don't wanna feel stupid if he doesn't like me back.
Latedra: But I think he does like you, I see the way he be lookin at you!
(Sharissa blushes a lil. They walk into Limited Too to try on some clothes.)
Meanwhile upstairs in the arcade wit tha boys...
(they all playin that air hockey game)
De'Mario: Jarell, you gonna ask Sharissa out when you break up wit Khalita?
Druex: You like Sharissa?
Jarell: Yeah, she bangin! But I gotta get to know first before I ask her out.
Omari: Well you gonna have a good chance to do that in tha marriage class cause Ms. Handera is probably gonna put you two together.
Jarell: Oh yeah, I forgot about that.
Druex: (singin kinda) Jarell and Sharissa gon get married!
Jarell: Nigga, shut up!
(they keep playin tha game)
About half an hour later...
*Omari's cell phone rings*
Omari: Holla!
Markeeshia: Ya'll ready?
Omari: Yeah, where are you?
Markeeshia: We're already in tha parking lot by tha cars.
Omari: Aight, we'll be there in about 5 minutes.
Markeeshia: Bye baby.
Omari: Bye. (they hang up)
Omari: (talkin to tha guys) The girls are ready to go, they're already outside.
De'Mario: Aight, let's go.
(tha boys go outside in tha parking lot)
Latedra: Aight, I gotta go home now, I got alotta studyin to do.
Druex: Yeah, me too. LaLa, you want me to take you home?
Latedra: Aight, thanks baby.
Druex: (talkin to everybody else) Bye ya'll.
Everybody: Bye.
(Latedra & Druex get in tha car and drive off)
Omari: Come on Keeshia, I'll take you home.
Markeeshia: Aight. Bye ya'll!
(Markeeshia & Omari get in tha car and drive off. Now it's just De'Mario, Jarell, Sharissa, & Shalice in tha parking lot)
Shalice: Sharissa, come here for a sec.
Sharissa: AIght.
(They walk away from tha boys)
Shalice: Do you want me to take you home and Mario ride wit Rell, or do you want Rell to take you home?
Sharissa: I don't know, what if he doesn't wanna take me home?
Shalice: I wasn't supposed to tell you this, but When I was talkin to Mario in tha mall, he told me that Rell told him that he likes you.
Sharissa: He did?
Shalice: Yeah!
Sharissa: Aight then, I'll ride home wit him.
SHalice: Ok.
(they walk back over to tha guys)
Shalice: Jarell, can you take Sharissa home?
(Jarell looks at Sharissa and smiles. She smiles back)
Jarell: My pleasure.
Shalice: Aight Mario, let's go.
(Shalice and De'Mario get in tha car and drive off. Now it's just Sharissa & Jarell in tha parking lot)
Jarell: Aight ma, where you live?
Sharissa: Right next door to Latedra.
Jarell: Aight.
(they both get in Jarell's car)
(She gets out the car and waits til he leaves and goes next door to Latedra's house)
*ding dong*
Latedra: ma, can you get that?
Latedra's mom: Aight
*answers the door*
Latedra's mom: Hello, so you're the new neighbor?
Sharissa: Yes, is Latedra home?
Latedra's mom: Uh huh, she upstairs. Go right on up.
*she goes up stairs*
Latedra: Hey gurl, I heard you got a ride home from Rell.
Sharissa: Yup, he kool!! I guess I like him but he go wit Khalita.
Latedra: Well I heard it through the grape vine that he gonna break up wit her!!! ooohhhhhhh!!!
Sharissa: Gurl u crazy....
*phone rings*
Latedra: Hello?
Shalice: Hey gurl guess what?
Latedra: What?
*phone beeps*
Latedra: Hold on.
*clicks ova*
Latedra: Hello?
Marke: Hey ma guess what?
Latedra: WHAT!!!????!!!
Marke: Sorry, what crawled up yo tail and died?
Latedra: shut up, its just that Shalice just called here saying guess what. Hold up let me do three way!!
*she do three way*
Latedra: Aight ya'll.
Shalice: Let me go.
Latedra: Go.
Shalice: Some how or another it got hold of Khalita that Rell iz crushin on Sharissa and she crushin on him and she got mad and said her and her crew gonna beat her tail and ours cause we were der and introduced them.
Marke: Dang. Dat's what I heard too!!
Latedra: Well first of all, she ain't touchin me wit out get messed up!!
Sharissa overhearing the convo: What gurl what?!!
*Latedra tells her and she get hyped too*
Sharissa: All I got to say is bring it, she bout to get her tail whooped by the new gurl in town!!
Latedra: Well I'll see ya'll tommorow at school, bye!!
Shalice & Marke :Bye gurl!! Tell Shar we said bye too.
Latedra: Aight.
*she hangs up*
Latedra: Well Sharissa I'm tired and bout to get my beauty sleep, not that I need it but.........
Sharissa: Gurl be quiet.
Latedra: Aight, see you tommorow.
Sharissa: Bye.
The next day...
(Sharissa's alarm goes off and she wakes up. She takes a shower, brushes her teeth, gets dressed, etc. She runs downstairs and into the kitchen)
Sharissa: Good morning, ma.
Marietta: Good morning, RiRi. You gonna eat some cereal?
Sharissa: Naw, I'm not hungry. And Rell should be over any mintue now.
Marietta: Who's Rell?
Sharissa: Oh, he's this boy I met at tha mall yesterday. He's gonna take me to school today.
Marietta: Ok.
*doorbell rings*
Sharissa: Aight, ma, that's Rell. Cya later!
Marietta: Bye!
(she opens the door)
Sharissa: Hey Jarell.
Jarell: Hey Sharissa. You look nice today. (he smiles at her)
Sharissa: Thank you. (she smiles back)
Jarell: Aight, let's go.
Sharissa: Ok.
(they get in Jarell's car)
Sharissa: I think your girl trippin...
Jarell: Who, Khalita?
Sharissa: Yeah.
Jarell: First of all, she ain't my girl... But anyway, what did she do?
Sharissa: She said her and her friends gonna beat up me, Latedra, Markeeshia, and Shalice cause they introduced me to you and she gettin all mad ova nothin.
Jarell: But why she wanna beat you up?
Sharissa: Cause she thinks that you gonna break up wit her 'cause you like me.
Jarell: Well she right, I am gonna break up wit her cause... umm...
Sharissa: Cause what? (she know what he's gonna say, she just wants to hear him say it)
Jarell: Girl, you know what I'm tryin to say! I know you just moved here, but I already like you.
(Sharissa is startin to blush again)
Sharissa: You know I like you too, Rell.
Jarell: So you sayin you wanna be my girl?
Sharissa: Yeah, but you gotta break up wit Khalita first.
Jarell: Aight, I will.
(they pull up in the parking lot of the school and they both get out the car. As they are walkin together towards the door, Jarell sees Khalita)
Khalita: Jarell, come here!
Sharissa: Go handle yo business, I'ma go in tha school.
Jarell: Aight.
(Jarell walks over to Khalita)
Khalita: What's up wit you and that little ho Sharissa?!
Jarell: She ain't no ho, she about to be my girl.
Khalita: What?! What about us? (lol I love that song)
Jarell: It's ova between us.
Khalita: What do you mean it's over?!
Jarell: I'm breakin up wit you!
Khalita: You can't break up wit me!
Jarell: Yes I can, and I just did. It's ova...
(he walks away)
Khalita: (from behind Jarell) Aight, you think you just gon play me like that? You just wait and see!!!
(Jarell walks in the school, goes to his locker, and then goes over to Sharissa who is by her locker)
Sharissa: So did you break up wit her?
Jarell: Yeah. You my girl now?
Sharissa: 4-sho. (she smiles at him and he smiles back)
(the bell rings)
Sharissa: I gotta get to homeroom now.
Jarell: Aight. Cya later.
Sharissa: Bye.
*In the marriage class*
(Jarell walks over to Sharissa)
Jarell: Hey wifey.
Sharissa: What?
Jarell: Ms. Handera put us together as couples.
Sharissa: Oh, coo. So what exactly do we have to do in this class?
Jarell: It's just to experience what it's like to be married. You gotta eat dinner together and stuff like that. It's real easy to pass, as long as you don't drop out of you marriage.
Sharissa: How do you do that?
Jarell: If you really don't like who you're married to, you can go to Ms. Handera and say you wanna drop out of tha marriage, but she'll fail you for doin that.
Sharissa: Aight, this gon be a real easy class to pass then... (she smiles at him and he smiles back)
*the bell rings*
(Jarell and Sharissa walk out of tha class holding hands)
Shalice: (sees them holdin hands) What's this all about?
Sharissa: We go together.
Shalice: Since when?!
Sharissa: Since this mornin.
Shalice: Aight, I see. (she laughs a lil')
~Friday, the same day, but school is now over~
Jarell: Hey boo.
Sharissa: Hey baby.
(they kiss*)
Jarell: You need a ride home?
Sharissa: You know I do, don't play!
(Latedra walks up)
Latedra: Hey ya'll, what ya'll beeen up to?
Jarell: Nothin much.
Sharissa: Same here.
Latedra: Ya'll seen my boo Druex?
Sharissa: Nah.
Jarell: Are ya'll goin to that party tonite?
Latedra: I don't know. We spendin' the night wit Shalice. After we go home and get our stuff we ridin over there, Sharissa?
Sharissa: Probably, we ain't got nothin else to do.
Jarell: Aight then. Me and the boyz wil probably go.
Latedra: Yo, I heard Khalita and her crew gonna be there.
Sharissa: So, ain't nobody scared of that lil' chicken head!
Latedra: I kno I ain't, I'm ready for her!
Jarell: C'mon Sharissa so I can take you home.
Latedra: You takin me home too, cause... I missed the bus by accident.
Jarell: Yeah runnin yo mouth! C'mon.
Latedra: Sharissa, get yo boy before he get stuck!
Sharissa: Ya'll crazy!
(they walk around the corner and hear voices and noises)
Latedra: Sounds like somebody gettin they freak on in tha school... Lawd have mercy, what is the world comin to?
(Sharissa goes in the door,and then backs away real quick)
Latedra: What you dun seen, a ghost?
Sharissa: Nah, come on.
Latedra: I wanna know what you saw!
(Latedra walks toward the door and Sharissa tries to pull her back)
Latedra: Let go of me! What's your problem?!
Sharissa: I don't have one but you will if you go in there!
(Latedra walks in the school)
Latedra: Aww hell naw!!!
(Shalice walks away)
(Dreux and Cierra makin out)
Latedra: I can not beleive this shit! I Know im not seein this, I just know it.
(Dreux throws Cierra off of him)
Latedra: Don't try and play it off now! Out of all people you choose this biatch?!
Cierra: Excuse me, who you callin a bitch?!
Latedra: You excused, and you betta bounce before u get yo azz whooped! If you dont know, now you know!
Cierra: Look, who you talkin to...
Jarell: I think you betta leave, cause Tedra ain't playin. I've known her for a little while now, she practically like my sista... and she bout to whoop yo azz...... so I suggest you leave.
Latedra: Don't tell her nothing, I'm bout to wile out, and she gonna have to get her tail beat. Simple as that!
Dreux: Just leave...
Latedra: You shut up... before I kick yo azz!
Cierra: Well I'll leave, but prepare to get yo tail beat at tha party tonite!
Latedra: We weren't going, but I am now boo boo, you besta beleive and we gonna see who get there tail whooped!
Cierra: Whateva, Oh and uh Jarell... Khalita said she loves you and she'll see you tonite with a special surprise.
Sharissa: Bitch, I though you said you were leaving!
Cierra: Bye Dreux.
(She rolls her eyes and bounces)
Druex: I'm sory baby, I swear I neva ment to do a thing, I love y...
Latedra: I don't want to hear it! I ain't go nothin to say to you... Oh yes I do... You a bitch and I hate you!!!
(she storms out cryin,Sharissa follows her)
(in the room, Jarell and Dreux are still there)
(Druex punches the wall)
Dreux: Damn yo, how could I do that?
Jarell: Pers'onally, I wanna smack you too, cause you a damn fool, and you know when i tell the boyz they gonna trip and clown yo dumb azz. what the hell were you thinkin?
Dreux: I dont know...
Jarell: Well people make mistakes.
Dreux: Yeah, but I think I made the biggest one in my whole life. What should I do, I love her...
Latedra: Jarell bring yo azz and take me home!
Jarell: Aight bye, see you at tha party.
Dreux: Is Latedra going?
Jarell: Uh did you not just hear her?
Dreux: Oh yeah, well I guess I'll go.
Sharissa: JARELL COME ON!!!
Jarell: Aight I'm comin!
Dreux: Bye.
*At the party*
Latedra: (talking to the gurls & cryin) But , how could he do this when we love each other so much?
Shalice: Gurl he just a boy, don't trip off him, you'll get over that.
Markeeshia: For real gurl , you ain't gotta cry ova no dude, it's too many of them out there for you to cry over one.
Sharissa: Like Shalice wuz sayin, gurl stop crying, if he wanna be dumb and leave you for that ho, let him do it! You don't gotta worry cuz we yo gurls & we got you.
Latedra: Thankz ya'll.(crying still) I'mma try to stop cryin.
(Druex comes over by the girls)
Druex: Hey I talk to you for a minute?
Latedra: (stops crying & mad like hell) What Druex?!
Druex: I'm sorry LaLa... it wuzn't nothin... I wuz tempted to do that. I'm sorry baby.
Latedra: Don't call me yo baby! How could you do this? I thought what we had wuz good? (lol...Alicia Keys)Druex, you can't be doing this type of stuff!
Druex: LaLa... I got somethin to tell you.
Latedra: What is it?
Druex: (stuttering) Um... well, I don't wanna hurt you no more by lyin to you, but um... I been wit Cierra for a lil while now.
(Latedra smacks him)
Druex: I'm sorry, Cierra...oooh damn...LaLa!
(Latedra walks away)
(Latedra runs off and her gurls follow)
Sharissa: Why you even trippin off him?
Latedra: Cause I love him...
Markeeshia: Somethin ain't right, how he gonna claim he love you and cheat on you at the same time?
Shalice: Hold up, ya'll act like it ain't neva happen to ya'll... Gurl I understand.
Sharissa: I do too but im sayin...
Markeeshia: All you need to do iz see what's poppin up in dat party and go for it.
Sharissa: I seen a lot of cuties out there!
Shalice: But if you love Druex you need to...
Markeeshia: I saw some fine nigga starin you down but you was over der boo hooing and mess so he kinda turned his head.
Latedra: Shut up!
(Latedra and the girlz get all fixed up again and head into the party)
Markeeshia: Gurl there he go, it's like he stalkin you or something!
Latedra: Oooh he is fine!
Shalice: Well Markeeshia you can play love maker, but im bout to go make love to my baby!
Sharissa: Word...RELL!!!
Markeeshia: See how they do?
Latedra: Mmmmmm hhhhhmmmmmmmmm!
Markeeshia: Gurl he comin..
Latedra: (whisperin) I look aight?
Markeeshia: Gurl u know you pretty.
Latedra: Thanx.
Boy: Yo what's poppin ma?
Latedra: I don't know some popcorn... Boy you betta come to me correct!
Boy: Scuse me, you got attitude huh?
Latedra: Lemme think... yea.
Boy: That's alright cause I can handle it.
Latedra: Awwwwww... that's cute you think you can handle me boo boo!
Boy: No I know I can...
Markeeshia: Well I'mma leave ya'll alone.
(She walks off and goes to get her freak on wit Omari)
Latedra: So what you want?
Boy: Oh, so I can't approach a good lookin shorty now?
Latedra: I dont know what you can do?
Boy: I can show you...
Latedra: Oh, so you a freak, huh?
Boy: I dont know, you tell me.
Latedra: Can I get yo name or somethin?
Boy: My boyz call me De, cause my name is Demarques. You can call me eitha one.
Latedra: Aight, De.
(they start talkin about all kind of stuff and see they really feel each other)
Latedra: Hol up, I gotta make a phone call to my cuz to ask her somethin)
De: Aight
(she goes in the room and doesn't notice that he follows her)
*On the phone*
Latedra: O so now you can't drop my bag off, I need it cause im stayin wit Shalice. You told me you were gonna bring it!
Latedra: You know what that's ok I'll get it in the morning.
(she hangs up)
De: I can go get it
Latedra(startled): Oh, that's okay.
De: You know how you were talkin bout boy dat cheatin on you or whateva?
Latedra: Yeah.
De: Well he stupid.
Latedra: Why you say that?
De: Cuz look at you...
(he gets closer to her face and starts kissin on her neck, and then it goes a
litlle further)
*Meanwhile at the party*
(Druex walks up to Sharissa and Jarell)
Druex: Have ya'll seen Latedra? I really gotta talk to her.
Jarell: Damn yo why you alwayz messin up my groove?
Dreux: Shut up... Sharissa do you know where she at?
Sharissa: Last time I seen her she was talkin to some boi that looked a little old for her. Oh, you know what, she went in tha room to call her cuz!
Dreux: Aight thanks.
(he walks up to the door that's closed, he hears noises but doesn't want to ruin nobody's groove. He decides to bust up in ther anyway)
Druex: Oh I'm sorr... What tha hell?!?!
(Druex comes in tha room & sees LaLa with Demarques...)
Druex: Wtf?! Latedra! Whatchu doin?!?!
(Latedra gets up & puts her clothes back on)
Latedra: Druex, this wuz yo fault.
Druex: Come here LaLa.
Latedra: Don't call me that no more. What you want?
Druex: Now you know that I luv you.
Latedra: So tell me, why you cheating on me with that ho?
Druex: I'm sorry.
Latedra: Ok. I'm sorry too.
(Druex tries to kiss her, but she stops him)
Latedra: Everything can't just be changed like that. I should go...
(she leaves with Demarques)
Druex: Damn, why I gotta be so stupid?
(Markeeshia comes in there wit him)
Markeeshia: What's wrong Druex?
Druex: Nothin... Well, I just keep messing up good things.
Markeeshia: You talking bout wit LaLa, right?
Druex: Uh-huh... (finna cry)
Keeshia: That's kinda on you, cuz you wuz cheating on her, so she just paying you back.
Druex: Damn, I know... Keeshia?
Keeshia: What?
Druex: Can I have a hug? I feel kinda down.
Keeshia: Uh-huh, sure.
(she gives him a hug)
Druex: Keeshia,I luv you.
(she lets him go)
Keeshia: What u say?
Druex: I said "I luv you".
Keeshia: No you don't.
Druex: Um... I didn't wanna tell you... but I do.
Keeshia: *thinkin* I know he ain't sayin this...
(he kisses her)
Keeshia: Druex, ewww!!! Get on somewhere! I can't believe you did that!
Druex: Aww damn! I'm sooo sorry!!!
(Markeeshia runs out of tha room, she goes up to Omari)
Markeeshia: Omari, I wanna go home now. I'll explain in the car.
Omari: Aight.
(As they are leaving the party, Sharissa sees them and she follows)
Sharissa: Keeshia, what's wrong?
Markeeshia: I'll tell you later, we gotta go now.
(Markeeshia and Omari get in his car, and drive off. Jarell comes out)
Jarell: Where did they go?
Sharissa: I don't know, but it looked like Markeeshia was mad...
*In the car wit Markeeshia and Omari*
Omari: Baby, what's wrong?
Markeeshia: Yo boy Druex is trippin!
Omari: What did he do?
Markeeshia: First he gonna cheat on Latedra wit that lil' ho Cierra and now he gon tell me love me and...
Omari: And what?
Markeeshia: He kissed me!!!
Omari: Hol up...
(they pull up in Markeeshia's driveway)
Omari: He kissed you?!
Markeeshia: Yes...
Omari: Now I know he my boy and everything, but no he didn't kiss you! Man as soon as I see him...
Markeeshia: Let's go in the house.
(they get out of the car and go in Markeeshia's car)
Markeeshia: Ma? Dad? (no answer) I guess they ain't home yet.
Omari: What the hell is his problem? He kissed you?! (lol he still can't get ova that)
Markeeshia: Yeah... And, he was makin out wit Cierra!
Omari: He was?!
Markeeshia: Yeah, he's said he's been goin wit her for a lil while now.
Omari: Damn, this nigga dun messed up!
Markeeshia: I know... (startin to look a lil sad)
Omari: What's wrong?
Markeeshia: I know he messed up, but I feel bad for him. Cause he just lost the love of his life, and he got feelings for me, and now he just has Cierra.
Omari: But I swear if he even tries to kiss you again...
Markeeshia: Don't worry, I won't let that happen.
Omari: Good. (they start to kiss but are interrupted by Markeeshia's cell phone)
Markeeshia:Damn, Hello?
Druex: Keeshia, I'm sorry...
(Markeeshia doesn't say anything)
Omari: Who is that?
Markeeshia: Druex.
Omari: Hell no... lemme talk to him.
(Markeeshia gives Omari her phone)
Omari: Nigga, what the hell is your problem?
Druex: I said I was sorry! (he hangs up)
Omari: He hung up...
(Omarion callz back)
Omarion: Hello?
Dreux: Who is this?
Omari: Omari, look we need to have a talk.
Druex: I know... but I need Latedra there, too.
Omari: I'll tell Keeshia to get your gurl to come ova here and we'll all talk like civilized people.
Dreux: Aight I'll be over there in a minute.
Omari: Peace.
(they hang u)
Omari: Call your gurl and tell her to come over here.
Keeshia: Why?
Omari: So we can all talk.
Keeshia: Oooohhhhh...aight.
(Markeeshia on tha phone wit Latedra)
Keeshia: Hello?
Latedra: Who is this?
Keeshia: It's me! If you dont know one of your best friends voices you ain't no good!
Latedra: Oh, hey Keeshia.
Keeshia: Look I need you to come over here for a minute.
Latedra: Aight but why?
Keeshia: Just come gurl, dont ask questions.
Latedra: Aight, bye.
Keeshia: Bye.

I like this job =) ~ KeAirsa