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More Questionz and Rumorz
Gots Ta Be B2k

Look............even more lies & rumorz

R: Rumors
Q: Questions
A: Answers
R: Do they have girlfriends?
A: No, none of them do
Q: Where is their favorite vaction spot?:
A: Florida
R: Did Omari have a girlfriend before he part of B2K?
A: Yea, but it didnt really work out when he joined the group
R: Do any of em have tattoos?
A: Yes, J-Boog has a tattoo. Tha tattoo says his name.
R: Was Omari in the CornPops commerical?
A: Yea, he was i think, 14, i remember it, too... aint he so cute?
Q: What is their next single? When is it going to be released?
A: Their next single is "Why I Love You" and their video is gonna be released in Late August or July.
Q: What are their worst habbits?
A: Fizz - Bitting his lip
Omarion- Spittin'             
Raz-B- Bittin' his nails
Q: What kind of car they have?
   Raz-B got a C230 Coupe Convertible Mercedes
   J-Boog got a C320 Mercedes
  Omarion got the X5 BMW 
 Lil' Fizz got a M3 BMW.
Q: What kind of cologne they wear?
      Fizz - Just wears some cologne
      Omari- Jean Paul
      Boog- Clinique Happy
      Raz-B- Clinique Happy
Q: What are thier favorite songs on their album?
      "Gots Ta Be" and "Why I Love You" (the next single!)

Lmao @ KeAirsa......... by Reecie