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Take these Quizzes!
Gots Ta Be B2k

KeAirSA aka Omari's African Queen

answer these questions then e-mail me ur results
U know every dance step to all the songs/videos they have been in. 5 points
U write B2k all over everything. 5 points
U have a b2k tape of evrything with b2k in it or on it. 10 points
U cry when "gots ta be" or "uh-huh" comes on tv. ( that is messed ^) 15 points
U have so many b2k posters that they become your wallpaper. 15 points
U try 2 go 2 every b2k concert no matter where it is. 20 points
U get offended by anything or anyone that's hating on b2k. 10 points
Ur screenname is "B2k loves ME" or something like that. 15 points
U apogize with b2k song lyrics. ( lol) 20 points
U own more than 1 b2k fansite. 25 points ( add 10 for every site)
 U wanna name ur child after ur favorite b2k member ( lol) 30 points
10- 25 points= u getting up there
25-35 points= omg, they betta watch out
35+ points = they need a restraining order!!! now!!!
Do you think you can outsmart B2K?
Check out the guys telling you to play it up
one on one with B2K on MSN Gaming Zone! Go on and get your game on!
( u just gotta click on B2k becuz it been changed the person!!)

Keeshia aka Fizz's FLAMING HOT Cheetoe ( lmao..he gave me da stupid ass name)