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Don't this make u think?
Gots Ta Be B2k this.

These questions ARE NOT being posted to make fun of B2K. Please don't take them personally & dont send us answers. All of these questions was NOT thought of by us.

J Boog:
Why does he talk so much?
Did his tattoo hurt when he got it?
Why do many who have met him says hes grumpy?

Lil Fizz
Why doesn't he ever take off his shirt?
Is he as shy as he seems?
Is he really Creole?
Why is he always at the end of dance routines?
Why doesn't he ever talk unless asked?
Why does he seem slow at times?
Can he sing, or just rap?

Is he ever gonna let us see his afro?
Why does he sing lead on every song?
What does he see in Free from 106 & Park?
Why is there rumors that he dates Solange?
Will he ever shave his hair off?
Does he own a shirt?

Raz B
Why are his lips the most luscious thangs you ever saw?!
Except for in pictures, why dont we ever see his hair?
Why does he always mess with his nose?

Why is it that every time they are on TV they stand in a certain order?
Why don't these fine boys have girlfriends?
Why do they like Solange & 3LW?
How tall are they?
Why haven't/dont they come to Canada or da Barbados?
How come they all like shopping?
Why wont you give your fans a chance for dating?
What shoe size do they wear?

Why does B2K give IMx free promotion?
Why do all the guys hate on B2K?
Why didnt the director of "Uh Huh" cut the parts where u can see their butts?
How come Batman (from IMx) & Omarion have different last names?



I kinda think some of these iz madd funny...~Tamara

I wanna know tha answerz too!! ~ Tamara