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                                            Jhene!!! She's kool.

Jhene & da fiya gurlz

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This young, sassy singer from Los Angeles is brought to you by T.U.G, the same crew that discovered B2K! She's also Lil Fizz' cousin, and he'd like to Introduce You To Her! You might recognize her from B2K's "Uh Huh" video, too -- she's the one with the headphones.

Look for Jhene this summer on tour with B2K, Lil Bow Wow and IMX, and for her debut album, Jhene, that arrives in stores in November!

Listen to this!!
iight, I know ya'll gettin tired of all these ppl talking bout that song " dog" by Jhene. And I know u wanna hear it. So..............
Listen to this!!
Check out a full-length version of "Dog," and see if you recognize the voice layin' down the rap( hint: Keeshia's luvs him):
Real | Windows Media Lo-Fi | Windows Media Hi-Fi
You can also listen to:
"Gonna Love You Anyway" (
wav | real | wm28 | wm100)
"You Got Nerve" (
wav | real | wm28 | wm100)
Jhene Aiko Chilombo

Jhene mah Friend!!! ~ All da Chicaz